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This website covers various aspects of male-to-female transsexuality.  Most of the articles were originally written around my own transition in 2000.  There have been no major changes since 2004, although I occasionally make some updates, corrections or additions when these seem important or of particular interest to me (e.g. medical developments).  The site is thus largely historical in nature, it represents a snapshot of an extraordinary period around the turn of millennia which was truly transformational for transsexual women.  Since I began this website, there have been many important developments such as:

  • The explosion in the size of transgender community (particularly among the young) means that most people now personally know someone who is transgender - a family member, class mate, friend, work colleague, etc.  Transwomen are no longer rare freaks and this is changing attitudes

  • The proliferation of female models and actresses such as Andreja Pejic, Hari Nef, Jamie Clayton, Teddy Quinlivan, Lea T and Valentina Sampaio who are openly transgender.  Deep stealth is no longer the aim of almost every passable transwoman

  • The medical professional no longer recognises the term 'Gender Identify Disorder', although ironically it is still used in a few places on this website

  • In many countries, laws have been passed that allow a transwoman born with a male birth certificate to legally marry a man

  • In the EU, gender equality directives effectively require that transgender women be recognised and treated as 'female' - from pension rights to prison cell

  • Medical advances make it just a matter of time before the first transwoman is publically pregnant or gives birth

More negatively, there has been a backlash about pre-SRS transwomen using women-only toilets, being sent to women prisons, participating in women's sports events, and availing of benefits only available to women (e.g. an earlier pension).  Personally I agree with many of the complaints. 

The articles use terms such as transsexual and transwoman, which in recent years have been replaced by the term transgender.  The prefix trans is a Latin noun meaning 'across', 'beyond' or 'on the opposite side'.  The articles use trans in the context of people making changes to their physical characteristics (hormonal and surgery) and lifestyle in order to match their selected gender.

A very interesting development  since c.2010 is the use of the prefix cis, e.g. in new words such as ciswomen, cisgendered and cissexual.  Cis is another Latin term, meaning 'on this side', and is increasingly used in the context of women (usually but not always genetically XX) who were assigned a female gender at birth, and whose bodies and their personal identity have always agreed with this.  It does make sense as an alternative to awkward phrases such as "genetically XY women" that I have resorted to in some articles, but I have found that the 'cis...' prefix is still not widely recognised outside the 'trans....' community.

I'm going to be controversial in my belief that it has now become too easy in the UK and many other countries to legally change 'sex' from male to female, or vice-versa.  The requirement for this has effectively become filling in a form, finding a doctor who will sign it, and paying the requisite fee. A change of sex (excluding intersex) is a very serious matter and whilst there is no perfect test, the completion of sex-assignment surgery is surely the least worst standard to set.  The UK has arrived at the situation where someone can be legally female whilst still sexually functional and very active as a man.  One example of the disastrous consequences is 'women' being sent to female-only prison's who then rape their fellow prisoners.

This site has been erratically available at numerous web addresses since its origin - indeed it's almost a history of the web as it was hosted by Geocities, Tripod and Yahoo - amongst others!   I have only used pictures and graphics sent to me, or in the public domain, or which are covered by "fair use" provisions.  However, please contact me if you claim ownership of a picture or graphic, and want it deleted.

With or without my permission, copies of some pages are widely available on the internet, appear on various boards, and are even used on academic portals.  If you re-use any material, I would appreciate at least an acknowledgement that I was the source, e.g.: "Provided courtesy of Annie Richards".  I can't grant permission for commercial use.

Finally, I hope that some of the information presented might still be helpful.  I'm always delighted to hear from readers, contrast experiences, and perhaps attempt to answer any questions.  My email address is annie.richards@hotmail.com.

Important Notes:
I'm not a qualified medical professional and the contents of this website are merely based upon my experience and research.  It does NOT in any way constitute Medical Advice.
2. Please contact me if you are featured on this website and wish to be removed.  Whilst I will usually do this, in a few cases I have declined to act when the information or image is clearly in the public domain and relevant to an article. 

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